Firefox 3.6 released!

Yay! Firefox 3.6 has been released! Here is a summary of the major features.

Lightweight themes
There is a huge collection of lightweight themes, also known as Personas. Now you can change the look of your Firefox without restarting! Personas are available from http://getpersonas.com/.

Now Firefox remembers what you type in forms, so now you don't have to strain your fingers so much!

Full-screen video
You can now watch videos in full-screen!

Faster speed
Firefox 3.6 is faster to startup, render pages, and execute JavaScript!

Get Firefox 3.6 from www.firefox.com.


Live Chat, and how it can be problematic

Yes, it's true, Live Chat has it's problems.

First, there aren't as many people that can help you.
Second, the chats can go on for a while, as in the case right now. Who knows how long it will go on for?
Third... I'm still working on the third one...


Firefox 3.5.7 and 3.0.17

Yay! Firefox 3.0.17 and 3.5.7 have been released! It also happens to be my uncle's birthday today... Perhaps I should give Fx 3.5.7 as a birthday present? :) 

I don't know what to talk about yet...

Ah yes, the beauty of the internet today...
Give me something to talk about! :)