git <-> hg <-> svn

An interesting idea just came to my mind. How awesome would it be if someone came around and somehow mirrored a GitHub repo to a Bitbucket hg repo and a Google Code svn repo? Any changeset would be pulled from each repo and all the repos would be in sync with each other effortlessly. But this wouldn't be very feasible.

Problems with pulling from everywhere

Three-way mirroring

Two-way mirroring is easy enough. But we're dealing with not two, but three(!) repos here. It would involve pulling from three different repos, merging possibly three (or even more) changesets together and hoping that it all goes smoothly. But where would all this work happen? What if we get a merge conflict? Which brings me to this next point...

Mid-air collisions

What would happen if the same line in the same file was changed by two different people using different VCSes? How would this be handled? Indeed, it can't be handled at all without human intervention.

Let's push, not pull

Indeed, our problems could be fixed by getting the servers to push to each other instead of pulling. But this alone isn't feasible. Remember, we're talking about repos hosted on different servers. So now what?


This idea simply won't work very well at all. You'd have to have someone pushing every change manually.


The story of the Phoenix, the Bird, and the Fox.

One day, there came the Phoenix. He flew majestically through the clear blue skies.

Then, the Day came. The Day of the reincarnation. The Phoenix burnt up into ashes, to then revive, from those same ashes. The People roared in excitement.

Time passed, and the Day came again. The Phoenix came, and went, and came back. But, the Phoenix was no longer to be called the Phoenix. He proclaimed himself the Firebird.

The Firebird showed his might, but gracefully and beautifully, spurting Fire everywhere as he went. The People cheered, as he gave them Warmth.

Time passed, and indeed, the Day came yet again. The Firebird showed the People his Children. They called themselves the Firefoxes.

The Firefoxes showed their might, as they majestically showed the power to manipulate Fire. The People cheered joyfully, and the Firefoxes spread.

And here they are, and here they shall be, for alas, they stretch far and wide, throughout the World. Some People say that these mysterious Firefoxes came from the Beauty of the Red Panda.


Firefox 3.6 released!

Yay! Firefox 3.6 has been released! Here is a summary of the major features.

Lightweight themes
There is a huge collection of lightweight themes, also known as Personas. Now you can change the look of your Firefox without restarting! Personas are available from http://getpersonas.com/.

Now Firefox remembers what you type in forms, so now you don't have to strain your fingers so much!

Full-screen video
You can now watch videos in full-screen!

Faster speed
Firefox 3.6 is faster to startup, render pages, and execute JavaScript!

Get Firefox 3.6 from www.firefox.com.


Live Chat, and how it can be problematic

Yes, it's true, Live Chat has it's problems.

First, there aren't as many people that can help you.
Second, the chats can go on for a while, as in the case right now. Who knows how long it will go on for?
Third... I'm still working on the third one...


Firefox 3.5.7 and 3.0.17

Yay! Firefox 3.0.17 and 3.5.7 have been released! It also happens to be my uncle's birthday today... Perhaps I should give Fx 3.5.7 as a birthday present? :) 

I don't know what to talk about yet...

Ah yes, the beauty of the internet today...
Give me something to talk about! :)